The digital revolution has taken the business world by storm and countless industries have gone digital. The fire and life safety industry has also embraced the digital era with web-based inspection technology. Not only do digital inspections save our customers time and money, but also more and more AHJs are advocating for consistent and comprehensive reports that only digital inspection reporting can provide.

BuildingReports’ digital inspection reporting technology allows Integrity Protection Systems inspectors to streamline the inspection process. No more paper. No more waiting. All the device data is captured digitally during the inspection. Your reports are conveniently accessible 24/7 for any AHJ visits.


The True Cost of Managing Paper

  • 45% of the files in filing cabinets are duplicated information, and 80% is never accessed again. – IDC
  • Over its life span, a single sheet of paper ends up costing an average of $30. – Delphi Group
  • US companies spend an estimated $20 on labor costs to file a document, $120 on finding a misfiled document and $220 to reproduce a lost document. – Coopers & Lybrand
  • 7.5 percent of all documents get lost, 3 percent get misfiled, and the average professional spends 50% of their time looking for information. – Gartner Group
  • 70% of today’s businesses would fail within three weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire, flood or other natural disaster. – Coopers & Lybrand